Kali Tuna

Located in the Adriatic waters off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, the fish farm sports one of the best location in the world for growing Bluefin tuna in six farming sites between the Dalmatian Islands.

Established in 1996 by Croatians returning from Australia with valuable experience in Bluefin tuna farming, the company has from the outset put a high emphasis on quality, sustainability and profitability.

With low staff turnover, Kali Tuna d.o.o. employs individuals with considerable experience in the area of tuna fishing, farming and trading, many of which have been with the company from 1996.

Kali Tuna and Lubin’s activities consist of:

  • Tuna fishing
  • Tuna farming
  • Feed fishing
  • Processing of fish feed for our tuna farming operations
  • Research and Development
  • Sales and exports of tuna

Through Lubin, an affiliated company, Kali Tuna operates a fleet of seven fishing vessels that catch northern Bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. The fish is towed in cages to the farm where it is fed for up to three years.

As the tuna catching season only lasts one month, the same boats catch the feed: small pelagic fish, found in abundance in the surrounding waters.

Kali Tuna in numbers:
Concessions: 6
Cages: 34
Farming Capacity: 5,030 metric tons
Harvested output in 2011: 1,317 metric tons
Feed Conversion Ratio: 13:1
Employees: 97 (Kali Tuna) 47 (Lubin)

The fish is fed six days out of every week
Docks of Kali Tuna. Preparing for feeding
One of six concessions in our Kali Tuna operation
One of six concessions in our Kali Tuna operation